Project Services

DSC_0489 (Custom)Hahn Electrical Contracting has over 20 years’ experience in the Design, Installation, and Commissioning of Electrical Projects throughout Australia.We have the resources, personnel, and knowledge to undertake a variety of mining and industrial projects.

Why Choose Hahn Electrical Contracting?
There are many reasons why Australian mining and industrial companies choose Hahn Electrical Contracting for their electrical projects. We offer a comprehensive range of services and ensure all work is carried out and tested to the appropriate Australian Standards and regulations.

Hahn Electrical Contracting can provide:

  • Highly Skilled & Experienced Personnel
  • Complete High Voltage Solutions – Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • High Voltage Cable Lowering & Support Systems for Mines
  • Electrical Reticulation Systems – 415 Volt; 1000 Volt; 3.3kV; 6.6kV; 11kV: 33kV and 66kV
  • 1000 Volt Electrical Mining Systems (including support documentation)
  • Electric/Hydraulic Rig Maintenance Programs & Repairs (full test/reports provided)
  • General Project Installation Work (for mining and industry)
  • Electrical Installation, Maintenance, Overhauls, and Repairs