Prime Minister visits Hahn Electrical

On a recent visit by the Prime Minister Tony Abbott to Western Australia, which included a number of key regional centres such as Geraldton and Kalgoorlie, the PM’s office was on the lookout for a signature business to visit in the Goldfields and to our great delight Hahn was chosen. The fact that we are a business that has been in operation for over 25 years, employs some 200 people nationally and internationally and has a large presence in the Kalgoorlie region made us an ideal candidate for this honour.

Rick Wilson the local member handed over to the PM with the following kind introduction:


“It’s a pleasure for me to have brought the Prime Minister to Kalgoorlie and to visit this wonderful family business that’s kicking goals, not just locally and nationally but internationally. So, I’m going to hand over to the Prime Minister to take your questions”.


“Rick, it is great to be here at Hahn Contracting, it’s great to be here with Senator Chris Back, as well as with the local Member and it’s terrific to be here at this outstanding local business which started off 25 years ago and now employs some 200 people, services the mining industry right around our country and also increasingly internationally. Now, a lot of good things that we’ve done for businesses like this: we’ve scrapped the carbon tax, we’ve scrapped the mining tax, we’re cutting red tape which is great for business generally. But the Free Trade Agreements which we have now negotiated with our three biggest trading partners will help a lot of businesses like this. This is essentially a services business, as well as a manufacturer and while about 60 per cent of our economy is services, less than 20 per cent of our exports are services”.

The Prime Minister was very engaging, moved freely amongst our staff and showed a keen interest in the work we were doing in our panel shop and substation building area. He was happy to have selfies taken with many of our staff  members, enjoyed a brief morning tea and provided senior management with an opportunity to have a good 15 minute private chat in which we discussed a number of important issues around services and infrastructure in regional centres such as Kalgoorlie.

The visit lasted over an hour and it was a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase our business and for staff to meet the leader of our country. There was a large press contingent in attendance and our facilities and staff featured on a number of news bulletins that evening.